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Fiverr Success Course

Complete A to Z Fiverr Success System, Systems, Live Case Studies, and Student Success Generation Course Helping you to maximize the earning on Fiverr | taught by Jason Gilbert
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3- Gig Choices
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Course description

Complete A to Z Fiverr Success System, Systems, Live Case Studies, and Student Success Generation Course Helping you to maximize the earning on Fiverr.

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Jason Gilbert
Jason Gilbert
Master Trainer

CURRENT: VC, CEO-Mentor and Global Tier 1 Hyper-Growth Advisor to 200+ companies in 25 countries (on-site in Asia, Africa, Europe, N America)

FORMER: Founder-CEO, Commercial Training Institute, Inc. $0 to 8-figures revenue in 2 years (100% bootstrapped), 2008 to 2010 #CrushedTheGreatRecession; Achieved 1 of the few million dollar+ internet product launches (2009) in history; Multiple 7-figure revenue live training events.

MENTOR: George Ross, business advisor to billionaire Donald Trump

MEDIA: Interviewed Live on CNN; Former business radio talk show host on AM 790 KABC, Los Angeles.

INNOVATOR: Revolutionized 1 business industry (commercial property acquisitions & land development join ventures); 1 philanthropic process; 1 national political training process)

INVENTOR: Invented the process for the "Lead Ad" feature recently released by Facebook for marketers; Awarded 1 USPTO product patent.

MILITARY: 10 years USMC Officer (Major), Anti-Terror/Special Ops Commander

POLITICS: High-level political reform advocate; Founder & Chancellor, Integrity in Politics Academy (opening soon)

PHILANTHROPY: Entrepreneurial philanthropist - "Using the internet to teach people how to fish for life (in the poorest countries infected by terrorism) alleviates the more costly need to give them fish, and spreads peace and good will."

★ More details at ☛ http://thejasongilbert.com

Any questions? Please join the P-SEA Official facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/pseaofficial/ and post. P-SEA Family members will help you. Stay blessed.

Reviews (174)

Best Course

by farooq jahanzeb
I am Farooq jahanzeb from Peshawar, Pakistan. I Forstam studing Doctor of Physiotherapy from Rehman Medical Institute in the 4 semester. First of all I want to thanks Sir Saddiqie and Jason Gilbert for this best course. This is a very good course and I have learned alot from this Fiverr success course. This help me alot in making the good professional Fiverr id and makes good gigs and how to make good sales in Fiverr. So, thanks again for this wonderfull experience.


Fiverr Sucess Course review

by Muhammad Arsalan
My name is Arslan and I am live in Saudi Arabia Jeddah. I am polymer engineer by profession and now working in Saudi Arabia as a technical sales engineer. I am an also student of Sir Muhammad Siddique.Through the Fiverr success course, I have learned how to talk with the customer, how to deliver an impactful message to the customer because Fiverr is your business and you apply every single best thing in your business. I highly recommend this course to others who believe in L.E.G Formula.
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Best Course

by farooq jahanzeb
I am Farooq jahanzeb from Peshawar, Pakistan. I Forstam studing Doctor of Physiotherapy from Rehman Medical Institute in the 4 semester. First of all I want to thanks Sir Saddiqie and Jason Gilbert for this best course. This is a very good course and I have learned alot from this Fiverr success course. This help me alot in making the good professional Fiverr id and makes good gigs and how to make good sales in Fiverr. So, thanks again for this wonderfull experience.


Fiverr Sucess Course review

by Muhammad Arsalan
My name is Arslan and I am live in Saudi Arabia Jeddah. I am polymer engineer by profession and now working in Saudi Arabia as a technical sales engineer. I am an also student of Sir Muhammad Siddique.Through the Fiverr success course, I have learned how to talk with the customer, how to deliver an impactful message to the customer because Fiverr is your business and you apply every single best thing in your business. I highly recommend this course to others who believe in L.E.G Formula.

Fiverr Success Course

by Sehrish Bibi
Hi, I am Sehrish, from Punjab, Pakistan. I have done with MBA. I have completed I'M Teachable Professional before enrolling to Fiverr Success Course. This course is really awesome. This course fulfilled basic need of introducing fiverr to me. I have applied all the tools and tips as described by my mentor Jason Gilbert and Muhammad Siddique. Till this time, I have completed one order in fiverr. Still, I am facing trouble on fiverr. I don't know where should I post? I don't find any way to contact my mentor and discuss him some things. This course has not guided me about what to do when a buyer plays bad tactics and wants to cancel order after recieving product even if he was happy with delivery. There is need to explore more things on how can we remain safe from scam? What to do when we can not recieve payment? How does fiverr protect its sellers? This is what I am trying to sort out. However, this course helped me a lot in recieving orders on fiverr and everyone knows its also a hard knot to open. I want to donate $100 to PSEA when I will earn and recieve payment from fiverr. Thank you, Sehrish === Please ASK your questions in the group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/GlobalSocialEntrepreneurs/ We love to help YOU! Blessings to you and your family.

Way to Success

by Muhammad Shahzad
I am pleased and I have no word about this platform and it is very amazing to helping a lot of people and them also very careful about their success and make the people earn the money and learn more and more and motivate the people, So these people have place in the deep corner of heart and always pray for them and pray for their best wishes. I would like to give the Rating 5 Stars.

One of the very best course i opted in my life.

by Waseem Sabir
I just want to say this is one of the very best course for online earning especially @fiverr i have opted in my life. Thank you so very much Sir Jason Gilbert & Sir Muhammad Siddique. You both are the great. Regards; Waseem Sabir

Fiverr Success Course

by Syedia Bokhari
This is Tahseen from Islamabad, Pakistan. I have completed this course and found it amazingly great source of information for getting success in online learning. Sir Sharif and Jason Gilbert have done a great job by providing and explaining each and every thing in detail.

Giant Awaken within Me

by Tauseef Maqbool
Thank you and I cannot Thank enough for this opportunity to Learn, Earn & Teach! This course really awakens giant within me. I really appreciate the work done by Mr. Jaison Gilbert and Mr. Muhammad Siddique. The remarkable achievement has been taken by you guys.

Fiverr Success Course

by Rizwan Ahmed
Hi, There - Thank you very much to deliver this awesome course to us. This is the complete and perfect learning spot I learn a lot from all of you guys especially "Jason Gilbert" on Fiverr success course. You are awesome I am trying day by day to improve my Fiverr gigs as per Jason recommendation and also I send my updated gig link to you guys for review. I am an expert designer and a video editor but I am not good in Fiverr go get more work after see this "Fiverr success course" I feel I am doing many mistakes that's why I am not getting work on daily basis. Know I will definitely get many works from there to follow Jason instructions. Thank You All :)

It is very helpfull and helping hand who want make some online earning

by waqar ali
you guys are working on a blessed mission and from this course, people will learn and earn money but my advice is that if this course will in the Urdu language it will be very helpful for people because a huge amount of people don't know the English language thanks.

by Qais Ali Abbas None

A Road to suceess

by Hafiz Muhammad Fahad Rehmani
Hi, I'm Fahad Rehmani from Rahim Yar Khan, Pakistan. I have done MBA and working in a Bank. Recently, I have studied the Fiverr Success Course and it helps me think in a different way to prosper. This is a great course which guides step by step to build a good profile on Fiverr and gig preparations with written formats to help boost in the sale of gigs. I'm very much thankful to sir Jason and Sir Muhammad Saddique for developing such a helpful tool for everyone who wants to work online and earn for their families. As I'm not from IT background to have any prior IT skill, still this course improve my understanding and motivate me to learn and stay passionate about success and never quit. By doing this course, I look forward to gaining more knowledge for a particular skill and master in it for further work on Fiverr. Again I want to thank all PSEA team who are helping people like me to earn better and prosper. Regards, Fahad Rehmani

Success Techniques and New path

by Faisal Abdullah None
I learnt many things about fiverr, actually i was working on fiverr before this course but i was not getting success because i was just using blind techniques. After getting enrolled and watching the videos using the learnt techniques so i got the point actually what is fiverr and how to earn and get success. So its a priceless scholarship for me, i think if i donate 100$ so it will be insulting there is no price for this scholarship. Well i would warm thanks and welcome those who taught me, they gave me the track to earn and use your skills. Thanks and God bless all of you.

Fiverr Success Course

by Muhammad Zubair Khan
Thanks for giving me an opportunity to learn fiverr success course. Very good and fruitful program for us. Allah Bless on you.

Fiverr Course

by Muhammad Ejaz
AOA: Most Respectfully sir, I a so happy with learning Fiverr success course. You people teaching each and everything that's so appreciable. I am university Graduated in computer science and now joining your team to earn money and help other people. Thanks Again. Regard: Muhammad Ejaz Mustafavi

Fiverr Completed Course Successfully.

by Muhammad Arshad Sajjad
I have completed this course this successfully. All the videos were very well with the great effort from our tutors Sir Jason Gilbert and Sir Muhammad Siddique. I also learned these videos lot of things related Fiverr Success Course and also motivate me. My best wishes both of you please continue this effort for getting more powerful skills for us.


by Muhammad iqbal None
This course really polished my skills I am satisfied, at the start, I even don't know about Entrepreneurship now I can proudly say that I am an Entrepreneur. I am able to fulfil my Client's requirements. At last, I am very thankful To PSEA team for giving us such opportunities.

The Best of The Best

by Usman Shakir
I could not imagine this course has such a potential and practical work to change the perception to earn through internet. The most valuable thing they taught is not to lose hope and always to finish whatever the circumstances are. Teaching style, case study and fiverr hacks are really easy to understand for every beginner. Hope in future, GSE will always be with us.

My Point of View About This Course!

by Ale Raxa None
Hello, First of All , Thanks to My Master Trainer #Jaison GIlbert and and Founder of Al-Sharif Foundation Sir Muhammad Siddique Who encourages me to complete this course . Now i have completed this course thouroughly. And i have learned a lot of secrets about Fiverr.com How to make a professional profile. How to make your gig High quality. How to Get Traffic to your Gig. How to Use Social Media for our Gig's Traffic Purpose. Its All happen due to your Hardworks. I Really Appreciate this course. But the only one thing that i had a problem that : Q: How to deliver your Order after completing your order. If you also provide one of the video of Delivering Our Order to Buyers After the completion of their Order then it will be Best. This was the only thing which Fiverr was missing. Soo , You should aslo add this video. Once Again Thankx to Jaision GIlbert , Sir Muhammad Siddique . Regards Ali Raza

Perfect Course for Starters !

by Muhammad Sohaib
I am Muhammad Sohaib from Pakistan, Mechatronics Engineer by profession and currently based in Makkah, Saudi Arabia. I am serving as Mechanical Engineer at one of biggest running project in the World-The Holy Haram Mosque Project. I had heard about the good feature of Fiverr from many friends and their success stories always inspired me and urged me to do some kind freelancing but unfortunately I always found myself blind on where to start. Whenever I visited Fiverr I got no idea on how to use it or how to sell myself among Fiverr community. This Fiverr Success Course has been proved to be a blessing in disguise for me, as soon as I got to know about this course from facebook, I decided to go for it. I paid the initial $100 after registering and started learning from this course. Unfortunately due to packed schedule of my current job I was unable to continue this course and had to take break of over two months. But all this time, completion of this course and becoming Top Rated Seller on Fiverr deemed to be the biggest challenge to me. This course has now enabled me to showcase my skills in a professional way and sell myself to become successful. In addition to this, I have learned too many tips and tricks to sell my gigs and how to attract or contact potential buyers. In the end, I would like to say that this course is perfectly designed to train new comers. I would like to suggest one thing to the P-Sea Team that please launch app for this platform, so that many users could access the success. I strongly endorse this course and P-Sea Platform to my close friends and colleagues who are in struggle to become successful.

Awesome !

by Rehmat Ullah
Thank you, Muhammad Siddique, Jason Gilbert, and P-SEA for giving me the opportunity to learn, to learn the lesson that will not only guarantee my success on Fiverr but also in my life in general. Now I am going to apply and make full use of these tips and tricks to be a successful Fiverr seller.

Amazing Experience

by Ahsan Irfan Empty
Listening to Tony Robbins, I have always wondered what it feels to have someone by your side for no self-fulfilling purpose. P_SEA is a shining star and very honestly, a proud Pakistani Project. I have learned a great deal about Fiverr and though I thought I know a lot about Fiverr already, the course actually drives me to decide to go and work on this platform. The way so many people have selflessly shared their experience shows the background work being done by Honourable Mohammed Siddique Sir. I promise I will donate 100$ to this great venture, every time, I will make 2000$ on Fiverr. Three key things I learned include 1) Work-Attitude Matters 2) Be detailed and be authentic about you 3) Look towards bigger goals and consider everything else a temporary phase that you need to get through handsomely. Thank you guys who are putting so much effort into this course. I am a motivational speaker, an in-process Success Coach with Qaiser Abbas and an academic, research, content writer so if there is any way that I can help P-SEA I am available like everyone else. Regards,

how to earn $

by Awais Ali
Sir Jason Gilbert has given me an incredible training of Fiverr success course . I gained a thorough information about this particular course and through his excellence over methodology of giving information has made me understand the whole process . Hence, I'm really great full and thankful to sir Jason Gilbert.

Update Course with time

by Shoaib Tufail
Asalam e alikum I am working 3 year on fiverr But i could not find the best techniques and tip how to make my selling good and more. But Fiverr success course gives me alot of help and tips. But i have notice one thing Fiverr have change the algorithm for gig placement and gig impression But in this course there is no information about gig management and how to bring gig on first page Please include this in your Course thanks

Helpful Course

by Asad Zubair None
Hi, Dear Sir, My name Is Asad Zubair and I am very thankful to you that you help people's by this course.This course is very very helpful. I learn through it and enjoy it. I pray for you that God Bless You

From step one

by Zahid Ali Jaafer
I was a great experience. I have almost completed my Fiverr success course. I have learned the most valuable secretes and how to implement. Now i am able to get success on Fiverr

P-SEA course is the really key to success

by Aftab Ahmad
P-SEA course is the really key to success I really learn from this before joining P-SEA course online from the internet is my dream my passion but I failed, again and again, i do many experiments join different programs but at the end I don't get any thing from anywhere all my working and time which I spent for that work are waste but after join P-SEA course and watch it carefully and follow the all steps I got success after posting my first gig within 15 minutes I got my first order after seeing that I got my order I am so happy I would like to say thanks to God, and all P-SEA course members instructors who avail that platform for learning I highly recommended that course to each and everyone who wants to learn and be successful person seriously and I really appreciate the vision of founder of that course and Al Sharif Foundation and saying thanks to them for giving me this opportunity.

This is outstanding course

by Muhammad Naveed Ishaq
This course increases my knowledge and showed me new doors of success. I really thankful to Pakistani Social Entrepreneurship Academy that offered me a chance to successfully do it. After doing this course I am feeling blessed as I have the opportunity to practically implement it and now even I can guide youngsters, skilled person, to market their skills at this platform to earn more and more money.


by Zareef Khan
I like it!

fantastic hard work

I feel improve to teach this course.and something will do in future. I especially thank sir Siddique and Jason Gilbert for providing these facilities to success. Sir Siddique and Jason Gilbert a lot of work on this course.

fiverr course

by Sohab None
i have completed fiverr course and i learned a lot from it, until now i submit 28 offers but i didn't receive any order this let me to disappointment. --REPLY --- You are just starting out and on track now. Keep sending the custom offers EVERY day. Also ask for help in the P-SEA Social Entrepreneurs group. Best wishes.

by Muqaddas Khalid
i love this course, its awesome

Good Job

by Faran Kamal ahmad None
keep it up .

Fiverr success course

by waseem afridi Muhammad Ali
Great learning skill have been gain from this cross

A worth Achievement

by Fahad Saeed
While having the training from Jason Gilbert is an honor itself. It was a wonderful experience of going through all over the course . The tips and techniques from Muhammad Siddique and Jason Gilbert were very useful to have strong professional fiverr account. I I would like Thank Mr. jason Gilbert and appreciate Specially to Muhammad SIddique and the whole team of PSEA. good job ! keep it up !!

WOW Excellent

by Muhammad Yousif
Hi, The word "Thanks" is not enough to express my feelings to Sir Muhammad Siddique and Sir Jason Gilbert. They provide me the opportunity to become a freelancer. That Course was knowledgeable. Your energy means much to me. I have gained a lot out of this. Keep going to impact others. Stay blessed

Skyscraper course

by Majid Saleem Empty
My name is Majid Saleem, I am from kahror pakka, Punjab,Pakistan. studying BS Computer science in Khawaja Fareed university of engineering and information technology, Rahim yar khan. I want to start freelancing but get nothing from anywhere. freelancing passion motivation thank you very much, dear JASON GILBERT and MUHAMMAD SIDDIQUE.This course is like some hidden treasure that I just discover. thank you, team P_SEA.i am very grateful and happy after getting this course.this is one of the best course that I ever get.like everyone I just move here and there but get nothing, browsing videos but this course gives me the outstanding boost to conquer the freelancing world. bundle of thanks

Trained By Fiverr Success Course

by Ikram Ullah
Hi, I am Ikram Ullah from Pakistan. I have got more Knowledge to Pakistani Social Entrepreneurship Academy, Not for only Fiver course, It using also in practical life which you have explained for us. I am very thankful to Jason Gilbrt & Muhammad Siddique that give me a very nice platform. Thank, God I have complete the Fiverr course. I am completely sure that the Fiverr will make my future. I will be following your method for making success me in Fiverr. This is a very nice method that you made for us for need peoples/ Students. I will start Fiverr properly. Once again thank you so much. :) Thank you, {Ikram Ullah}

by Asmara Ahsan

Transition from Employee to Self-employed

by Qaisar Hussain
Hi, My name is Qaisar Hussain from Rawalpindi, Punjab Pakistan. I am a Regional Sale Manager in the pharmaceuticals (since 2005, currently jobless since August 2016), Father & student of MBA executive (Final Semester). I always intend to have my own business which I nurture and transform into a proper working organisation, but the missing part was the platform and mentor who guide and direct me from scratch. And now I am at right place. I have successfully completed FIVER SUCCESS COURSE. I would like to pay my BIG THANK YOU to Al-Shareef Foundation and Jason Gilbert, Muhammad Siddique for giving me an opportunity to learn to do business on Fiverr, which will support me to run my family in a better way. I recommend to all the those who are looking for the Jobs should come to join P-SEA family and started to support their self and their family.

Golden Opportunity

by Ayyaz Ahmed
Hi, I am Ayyaz Ahmed from Kharian City Punjab Province of Pakistan, This course is amazing for everyone's Success because you made it so easy with the step by step Guide, It is also helpful for those who even never go to school. In this great course, Muhammad Siddique and Jason Gilbert prove that HOW TO FISH FOR LIFE by Teaching every single strategy which is required to become a successful seller on Fiverr. I really appreciate Alshariffoundation and to all those who donate to this program whether in the shape of money or time or by any other effort stay blessed.


by muhammad riaz
Thank you very much, whole team, Great design for learning. It was so good! V impressed great helpful lessons step by step He has worked very hard to give up rewards. God bless you. Thank you.


by Nadeem Ahmed ,
Hy, My name is Nadeem Ahmed and I am from Muzaffarabad Azad Kashmir. That Fiverr Success Course was amazing. I've learned a whole lot out of this. Your effort means a lot. This course is so much fruitful for me, Thanks, Spacely Sir Muhammad Siddique, Sir Jason Gilbert and PSEA. Stay blessed! :)

Fiverr Success Course

by Faisal Javed
First of all i am very thankful to P-Sea Team & specially bundle of thank to Sir Muhammad Saddique and Sir Jason Gilbert very good & perfect efforts. I learned a lot of things about Fiver.com that how to create and manage account , about gig and about buyer's & seller's etc. very clearly and complete guidance and awareness on all level/steps with videos and articals. When i start this course i didn't know anything about fiver.com even people mentality on fiver but now i confidently say that i easily earn money by apply the tricks and ways which i learn by Fiver Success Course. A little bit i face the problem because my English is not good i try to learn more in feature INSHALLAH. Again Thanks a million of P-Sea Team...

Outstanding Learning.

by Sohail Khan
This is Sohail khan From Mardan Kpk. This course helped me a lot how to move with success.sir Jason gilbert, Sir Siddique is my motivations.I learn not only Fiverr course but with that, I learned how to work with passion, determination to achieve our goals, Enhance my Listening skills, Survey Skills, Meet with new people and make new friends, Scoially engage and now I will select this course for my unemployed friends who had graduated but didn't know about the market and Entrepreneurship.I am very glad to achieve this goal and now I am starting my career as an entrepreneur.

Very very useful course.

by Asif Raza Rana Empty

Great Initiative and a Life Changing Course!

by Naumana Aziz
This is absolutely a great offer by Alsharif Foundation. I learned so many advanced techniques by this valuable course. Fiverr success course is a fabulous and very informative for Pakistani youth. They provide the students step by step complete guidance to start the freelancing business through Fiverr platform. After completing this course we able to present ourselves on any social media platform effectively and professionally. Thank you so much for OUTSTANDING mentorship by Sir Muhammad Siddique and Master Trainer Jason Gilbert, you are changing many lives and also I would like to thanks, Pakistani social Entrepreneurship Academy for providing me this golden opportunity. With Best Regards: Naumana Aziz

Many Many Thanks

by Adnan Khursheed Chand
Hi, My Name is Adnan Khursheed. I watched every Fiverr Success Course video Carefully and Learnt that how to work online Professionally. How Hire Buyers?How to Communicate with people's Online for my Business? This course is very helpful for me. I hope now i am able to start online Business Professionally. Thanks P-SEA, Muhammad Siddique, Jason Gillbert and All P-SEA Ambassadors. Best of Luck Keep it up and God Bless you for this. Adnan Khursheed Email:muhammadadnankhursheed@gmail.com

Successful course

by Shahzad Salar
First of all, i'm thankful to all P-SEA runners and specially Jason Gilbert and Muhammad siddique. Because of you i have completed the course successfully, now i'm ready to success in the fiverr by you. Very well, you have taught us. Again thanks Jason Gilbert & Muhammad Siddique

Fiverr Success Course

by Tariq Hussain
It is very good course and beneficial for everyone who wants to do any business will helpful for them. I learned many things from this course, how to deals with people through communication with the different strategy like video and making the strong profile to tell the community about yourself and your skills and your business. I thank Mr. Siddique and his team for this endeavor.

Online earning

by Abdus Saboor
Hello Sir, I watched you All course Superb fantastic very easy Your style comes from a very good way to understand


by Usama Tariq
I really liked the Fiverr success course. Thank you to Sir Siddique and Sir Jason Gilbert. Now I am going to implement all the tips I learned from this course. I hope I will succeed InShaALLAH. I will post about my success in the group. Thank you Usama Tariq

Fiverr corse

by Muhammad Aslam
It is a very valuable course for those persons' they want learn and earn in life. I really appreciate the work of Jason Gilbert and Muhammad Siddique.

A very helpful course

by Neeraj Siddiq
I didn't have any idea, how Fiverr would look like. Also, I had my own fears, how I would deal with buyers and what could be the skills that I would be able to offer and a lot more. But, this course was of real help from introducing that platform to making my first sale in the first 7 days. I am sure, if I hadn't taken this course, I would have been disappointed on Fiverr by now of not attracting and potential buyers. so Thankyou so very much Jason Gilbert for designing such an effective course. Just one suggestion, We learned that we should create the 'username' based on some skill and be careful while creating because it couldn't be changed. But, what I realized later we can sell gig which might be very different from each other and require a different set of skills. So selecting a name on the basis of skills would not be a very good choice. Or may, user name could be our own name. Other than that everything was great and loved the course and it the reason of success on Fiverr.

Excellent Course

by Choudhary Shoaib Ahmed
I had my profile maybe a year ago on Fiverr and I was not paying much interest in it due to my PhD studies in the UK and lack of interest. But after doing I am Teachable at P-SEA, I was charged up for this wonderful course. It not only motivated me but the techniques and content were very informative and actionable. All the mentors especially Jason Gilbert and Mohammad Siddique were like pushing me out of my comfort and doubt zone. I have completed this course and added 5 gigs till now and waiting for my first order. My profile name is Artsho. Thank you P-SEA

Excellent Course

by Choudhary Shoaib Ahmed

by Muhammad Nawaz
It is a good initiative by sir Muhammad Siddique.


by Muhammad Danyal
Hi, after completing this Fiverr corse I really feel too much excited, because after learning Fiverr skills I'm able for online marketing and I'm thankful to P-SEA and Sir Siddique, so I wanna say thanks again to all the organisation.God Bless You All.

Asif Hafeez | CMA | MBA

by Asif Hafeez
Overall a great learning program which will help Pakistani community to grow professionally worldwide. The program covered all the aspects which were necessary for a successful freelancer and it is my pleasure to become the part of it. The other part if getting the extra earning with a little effort and this way you serve the international market by growing clientage from advanced countries of America & Europe region. This way indirectly we are serving our own economy. Moreover, another inspiring thing is you become your own boss as this program help you becoming an entrepreneur and you can enjoy your own flexible timings by setting a better day plan.

by usman nasir butt

Fiverr success course = Fiverr Made Easy

by Shaikh Islam
Hi, Shaikh Islam, from Karachi, Pakistan. I am a CAD pro and working on 2D and 3D drawings. Thanks a lot to Al-Sharif Foundation, Pakistani Social Entrepreneurship Academy, Mr. Jason Gilbert, Mr. Mohammad Siddique and the whole team for designing this Fiverr Success Course. Fiverr success course = Fiverr Made Easy The course is designed in such an easy step by step style so that any on from novice to expert found it beneficial. After completing this course one can able to present himself or herself on any social media platform effectively and professionally. Videos and text instructions are very informative and helpful for 1. Preparing Attractive and professional profile. 2. Selection of user name (branding). 3. Understanding of tag line. Though the training about the selection of user name, tag line, gig discussion etc. are difficult topics but explained in a very easy and understandable manner. I feel happy and privileged with the P-SEA. Thanks to all team. Submitted by: Shaikh Islam December 17, 2016


by Engr.Muhammad Kashif JAMIL
its great and excellent course . its amazing and learning for me

Review - Fiverr Success Course

Fiverr Success course is simply awesome. I have never seen such course before where you can actually earn money by doing business online using your skills and that too without any investment. You just need a computer and internet to start. All the important things like how to make you profile, gig choices, how to increase traffic towards your gig, how to communicate with all kinds of clients and many other things have been discussed and taught thoroughly by Mr Jason Gilbert and Mr, Muhammad Siddique. After completing this course, I am feeling overwhelmed and motivated that here is a platform which can change my life and make me happy and satisfied.

The Great Course!

by Sartaj Ali
My name is Sartaj Ali, I am From Naushahro Feroze Sindh Pakistan, I am a 3rd-year student of BS computer science at Sukkur IBA. I have completed this course today, I am very happy to share this was a really precious course for all who want to start the online business without investing money. This course is a complete guide nothing is missed, but I want to ask something to Dear Teacher please check student performance as well so that skipped thing can be remodified. Thank you PSEA for providing me such opportunity and Thank you all PSEA family for your guidance.

My real thoughts

by adeel haneef
Thank you so much for providing me an opportunity to learn this fiverr successful course. i have learnt a lot from this course. i will try my best to adopt all the skills which are taught in this course to become a successful seller on fiverr.com . I must say that this course has all the knowledge to know about fiverr.com to start your work on it. I appreciate Mr. Muhammad Siddique to make this course happen for thousands of people. i wish you more success ahead and will surely invite other people for this amazing course. Best Regards, Adeel Haneef

learning fiver course

by babar gujjar
i have learn 2 stars sir sorry for wrong English i have also honest and i learn and complete this course thank u sir --- Reply by Al-Sharif Foundation -- Thank you for being honest in your review. That is what matters the most. What else can we do to make it better? We LISTEN. Stay blessed.

Fiverr Success Course

by Ali ajlan Empty

complete bright feature

by adil taj
am very supersize i can`t explain ,i learn many new things from this course , such amazing course , how can i get traffic , how i create the price of my gigs and secure my self ,this course teach me whats write way of global business , am very happy and learning new things every day from this p-sea , thank you

Best teaching platform

by Majid Iqbal
i am very proud to all psea team.they are providing nice training and supporting us to achieve our best goals.

Awesome Course

by Shah Zaib
I am Shah Zaib from Lahore, Pakistan. I like the course very much and learned a lot from it I have difficulties in earning online but know I have a little relief after getting this course. If I put all my efforts in the guidelines of this course I will be a changed person. Simply it is a great course :)

Excellent Initiative

by Muhammad Umer Syed
This is Syed Muhammad Umer. I am from Lahore, Pakistan. I am an Electronics Engineering and done my Masters from University of Chinese Academy of Sciences. These days I am working as a Lecturer in an engineering university. Before taking this course, I was unaware of the idea of social entrepreneurship, but now I know pretty well about Fiverr and other online resources. The Master Trainers ignited a spark inside learners and let them come out from their closed shells to do something out of the box Through this course, I feel motivated to start my career as a freelancer. I can also recommend my friends to take this course and explore the world of social entrepreneurs.

Excellent Initiative

by Muhammad Umer Syed
This is Syed Muhammad Umer. I am from Lahore, Pakistan. I am an Electronics Engineering and done my Masters from University of Chinese Academy of Sciences. These days I am working as a Lecturer in an engineering university. Before taking this course, I was unaware of the idea of social entrepreneurship, but now I know pretty well about Fiverr and other online resources. The Master Trainers ignited a spark inside learners and let them come out from their closed shells to do something out of the box Through this course, I feel motivated to start my career as a freelancer. I can also recommend my friends to take this course and explore the world of social entrepreneurs.

Best course

by Mohammad ehtesham None
I have joined the P-sea acadmy and i have learnt alot from this course. Thanks Regards Ehtesham


by Sohail Aslam None
I have learnt many thing from this course,hope I will get order on fiverr after implementing these tips.

Wonderful effort

by Haider Ali
I'm haider ali from Karachi, Pakistan. I'm a student of commerce while pursuing better way to earn online right at home i was also anxious like every other student would might be... Indeed, this course is very very helpful to be successful. I would like to say Thank You sir and your entire team who made it possible for us. Allah always bless you all in every walks of life(Haider ali)

It is fabulous

by Hyder Khan ,
I am very thankful to Pakistan Social Entrepreneurship Academy that they introduce such a nice course. It is very beneficial for me and all them who wants to earn online. The teaching style of Sir Jason Gilbert and Sir Muhammad Siqqique is also nice. I will try to implement all these things in my fiverr work so that I can earn and return 100$ to the Al Shareef Foundation to teach others. Regard: Hyder Khan

Needs improvement

by Abdul Qadoos Sagar Butt
I am Abdul Q. Sagar, based in Gujranwala, Pakistan. I am a freelance Graphic Designer and getting a degree in Information Technology. The best thing that I learned from this course was the conversation techniques that can be found in "5-2 resources" part of this course.As I am working at Fiverr from last 1.5 years and that's why this course was not very useful for me but I highly recommend you to take this course if you are new to Fiverr. I found this course very useful for beginners. Thanks for your effort P-SEA Team for this valuable piece of information.


by Syed Ejaz Ahmad Empty
it was a good course and learnt so much things . but there are so many other things which need to be understand but hopefully will understand with time, thanks once again mr siddque al sharif acadamy and mr gillbert.

A Great Motivational Course

by Waqas Empty
I am really very thankful to Mr. Jason. The way he delivered lectures was highly remarkable. For that I appreciate him. I got full understanding of his guidance and implemented practically as an Entrepreneur. I honestly feel very privileged for having such a great mentor in our life. Sir, please keep going and keep inspiring and motivating us. Thanks. Waqas Ahmed

I am PROUD to be a successful member of the PSEA-Family!

by Rozina Naz
I have started this course a couple of weeks ago and have found this extremely helpful. I have learned a lot about FIVERR. On successful completion of the course, I felt that I was leaving a room of wisdom after enriching myself with many more valuable suggestions to continue my success journey. I am 100% satisfied from Fiverr success course material for inspiration to work online and this course is complete solution to work on Fiverr. Thanks, Sir Muhammad Siddique and Mr. Jason Gilbert for enabling us to earn for our family by sitting at home. I am Proud to be a PAKISTANI and a successful member of PSEA-FAMILY. I recommend this course to all peoples who want to earn with Fiverr, because it’s compulsory to learn the system proper from which you are trying to earn.

Good course

by Asif Nadeem Empty
i have completed

Best Course Ever

by Taimoor Zaheer None
My name is Taimoor Zaheer today I completed the Fiverr success course. I have learned many new technics from how to get the first order and to how to become the top seller on Fiverr.

How to write effective English

by Anum Ashraf
Aslam-o-Alaikum! My name is Anum Ashraf. I have completed the Fiverr success course. It's very effective course. By this course, I will able to write more effective and perfect English. It's also taught me that how you get more buyer's request. With best regards Anum Ashraf

Best course

by Tahir Yaqub
i think fiver is the best job for me and i want to success in fiver and freelancer acount i am belong to poor family i want to earn money from fiver and support to my father

Life Changer Course

by Nabeel Arshad
This course is really helpful for me and not only to me its helping many other Pakistanis.I really appreciate the efforts of Sir Muhammad Siddique an Sir Jason Gilbert. You are changing many lives and may god bless you. Thanks

The Best Course

by Red Axcel
I am Arfat Nizamani from Malhan, Sindh , Pakistan . I am providing service of email scraping at fiverr.com. My father had not believe on me that i can earn online. However after joining P-SEA and doing Fiverr sucess course i earned 660$ and now my father also have joined P-SEA doing Fiverr sucess course. Thanks to P-SEA for providing such platform.


by Shaukat Ali Bhutto
I am very happy & thanks for sharing such a valuable life changing course also i am feeling proud to be a part of P-SEA family. I have adopted many new things like Never Give UP , Appreciate others, Criticize alone and praise in public in my life. Fiverr course is presented in best way , Its very easy to understand and techniques are very useful.

The one and only sincere online project for PAKISTANI's.

by Dua Sukhera None
Yes, P-SEA is the one and only sincere and dedicated online project for PAKISTANI'S that costs nothing BUT your sincerity towards yourself and the future of your family. It has changed my life as well as lives of hundreds and thousands of unemployed and disappointed people of Pakistan.

Course Videos

by Sarmad Hassan None
all this course is very good and very informative. But the issue of video playing is a lot problematic due to which I felt a lot of difficulties thus I am unable to complete it. Kindly arrange some convenience for us.


by Ehtisham Muneer Awan
Hi! Have a look at comment!. Just want to show that if anybody stays focused, dedicated and persistent in his efforts, for sure he/she can win an order, irrespective of fields. When I started Fiverr and search for mathematics I was disappointed, as I hardly found an only seller with 500+ reviews. I thought there isn't much scope of my field on Fiverr, but consistently following P-SEA Fiverr success course tactics, I wondered!!!! got orders within a week. So I wish you all work hard, give your best and be committed. NO ONE CAN STOP YOU THEN.! Best wishes for all struggling members including.me☺ Thank you Regards: Ehtisham Muneer Awan Gujranwala.

Fiverr Success Course ( A life-changing experience !!)

by Muhammad Ali Saleem
This course came as a GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY in my life, It allowed to me explore the hidden potential and talent which I had in me and from which I was unaware before taking this course. Fiverr's success course allowed me to unleash my hidden potential and made me "BELIEVE IN MYSELF", I sometimes wonder that if I haven't got a chance to attend this course, I would never have known "WHAT I AM CAPABLE OF!" , I would never have explored the numerous skills and abilities I possess within myself and would have remained unaware of them for a long time because this course is not only for educational purposes, "IT'S A COMPLETE LIFE-CHANGING EXPERIENCE" for anyone who dares to unleash the "POWER" within himself and to completely transform his life to a whole new level. Thank you Pakistan Social Entrepreneurship Academy, for providing me this Golden Opportunity! and I would like to recommend this course to anyone, who wants to make a difference in his "LIFE".

Nice Experience

by Muhammad Usman
A very nice experience. A very informative for pakistani youth... Thanks a lot for the course

it's not too late

by Waheeduddin James
P-SEA provided second chosen it’s a great opportunity. Fiverr success course is a fabulous and how you can learn to work from home and online earning. Apply for the scholarship (free 100%) please don't miss this opportunity.

About Fiverr Success Course

by Muhammad Imran Munir Sajid
A Beautiful course about Fiverr I congratulations to sir Siddique and their team. honestly, I am feeling very proud that Pakistani peoples are so talented. I use facebook a little bit so I con not understand it all features. plz make a video on social media, on your style. I am very very thankful for your and your team and also the al-sharif foundation to help me and my Pakistani. Muhammad Imran Munir

Life Changing Experience at PSEA

by Muhammad Shaukat
Actually I was already working online on few other platforms before I saw PSEA on facebook and when I joined PSEA and got training from the master trainer it doubled my income. So I would suggest PSEA to every skilled individual because PSEA will turn your skills into money and teach you how to fish for life! Thanks

Blue Print to Success

by Mubashir Ashraf
P-SEA's Fiverr success course is the best course available in case you want to learn Freelancing on Fiverr, I've followed the course exactly as taught and I am glad to say that It has changed my life. Anybody who is confused regarding the course should just take my word and enroll in this course. Everything has been changed for me since I joined the course. I can even give you proof if you are in doubt. Another thing that I need to mention is that, you MUST follow the course completely in order to get success. You will have to put in your effort too. So if you really want to change your life to 180 degrees, THIS COURSE IS FOR YOU!

outstanding oppertunity for people

by Muhammad Tauheed Empty
this is very helpful course for Fiver i really like this course and this is the greatest way to earn online why Pakistan social entrepreneur ship academy . this course help me in my gigs i did not receive any order but i am sure that this course is great helpful. Thanks P_SEA

An Amazing work

by Irfan ul haq Empty
its really amazing work for the improvement of Pakistani lives and their financial status.

Kick-start your Freelance career with Fiver success course, outrageously paid as a freelancer to make your Business wildly successful

by Muhammad Imran Empty
I would rate this course, more than 10 stars if it would be possible.There are certain reasons to back this... This fiver course initially discussed social media strategies to make your social media profiles thorough professional. Not only it dealt with social media strategies but also had a bundle of outrageously value-added videos of top-notch trainers around the world.These short but incredibly powerful videos with hands-on experiences of these savvy gurus were accumulated, you rarely found on a single platform... Afterward, the fiver success course is designed thoroughly, every aspect from start to end is clearly described, even a novice can learn it within a weekend and able to start earning cold cash next week...It really works like a magic bullet...And all these strategies are designed by experts who have proven results on fiver (top rated sellers designated by fiver). Thousands of students have started earning within a short span of time...And it is evident from satisfied testimonials grabbing thousands of dollars,and earn parade of sales...It's a must for every individual who really wants to have a second source of income. If anybody desires to grab good business and earn huge bucks,just enroll in this fiver course and reap the benefits with proven results right now....

Good experience about fiverr course

by Umer Jahangeer
it was a good experience learning from this fiverr course. you guys have explained each and everything in deep detail. one thing is very irritating that you guys explain one same thing again and again. Overall this is awesome learning

Fiverr Success Course

by Ansa Empty
The Fiverr success course was a totally new thing for me, but I would say that it is very well designed, and professionally handled. All required information is there just need the time to sit and listen carefully, and before making the account on Fiverr better take notes to avoid mistakes. The course should have some more information on how to secure first order. Rest is superb.

Thank you P-SEA Team

by Abaid-Ur- Rahman
I feel this course is designed to train even a non IT background person which makes this course different from other courses. I want to thanks Master Trainer Mr. Jason Gilbert for working hard to design this course with practical examples. I being a Pakistani citizen salute your efforts. Thanks again for all your hard work to make this course practical.

Great Fiverr succes

by Madiha Rafique
Asslam.o.Alaikum,My name is Madiha Rafique and my review about Fiverr success course is it's a great course. I really learn here many good things. its really help me in online job. thank u for guiding me.

Outstanding Achievement!

by Bilal Khan Empty
Sir we this course i got a lot of experience, and it improves my selles more as earlier i have, Thank you much more giving us such opportunity to attended this course FREE (through Scholarship). Once again thank you so much.

Review of Scholarship winner of Fiverr Sucess Course

by Muhammad Asad Ishaq None
I feel that this course is well assembled and a great initiative of Al-Sharif Foundation. I want to thanks Master Trainer Mr. Jason Gilbert for working hard for young Entrepreneurs of Pakistan. I being a Pakistani citizen salute your efforts. Together we will make this world a better place. Thank you P-SEA and Muhammad Siddique for your handwork.

Fiverr Success Course

by Waqar Empty
After getting subject mentioned training, I would just say that the designers/organisers of this course/training did a great job.

A Great Course | Fiverr Success Course | Really helping me alot

by Sarfraz Ahmad
Hello, Thank you very very much for this great opportunity and i really thanks full to P-SEA for this course. this is a great offer by Alsharif Foundation. This curse had taught me a lot an i will surely follow all the steps and will make myself successful and i will try to return soon to P-SEA what they have taught me through this course. Thank you again. Sarfraz Ahmad

i wasnt completed the fiverr success course

by Kashif Imran Empty
due to lack of time i wasnt completed the fiverr success course , but i found it was quite help full to make good gigs to make money i learn alot it . in other hand some vedios was not played i complet it several times thats the main reason that i wasnt completed the course . i pray and wish you good luck to perform this type of new idea to this desperate generation and courage them to be optimist for better earning .regards

Started my First job through P-SEA

by sana farooq
P-SEA is simply awsam (Y) I got my first job because of P-SEA. Its life changing thing (Y) hope P-SEA have great future :) (Y) (Y)

Fiverr Work

by Farzana Kausar
Respected All, First, to show that I kept my word which I had made with Management of P-SEA, while taking training. That I will donate $100 to P-SEA, Once I will earn $100 or more after taking P-SEA training; delivered by Mr. Jason Gilbert and Mr. Muhammad Siddique. Second, to motivate other Pakistani peoples that P-SEA under supervision of Mr. Muhammad Siddique is a proven system for online earning opportunities. P-SEA is a project of Al-Sharif Foundation, which is designed for (100%) benefit of Pakistani peoples, especially for UNEMPLOYED-COMPUTER-EUDCATED youth. After taking the P-SEA training, I earned hundreds of dollars within Few months as a part time freelancer. I believe one can make many more dollars by following P-SEA and Mr. Muhammad Siddique ’s proven training and instructions. I gratefully acknowledge the inspiration of my brother for assisting and encouraging me to take training at P-SEA and start freelancing. Its my concrete hope that P-SEA will provide more opportunities to its prime members through Premium Clients and other packages. Kind regards, Farzana kausar

Applaudable Effort

by Ikram Himayatullah Baig
Prior to this course, I had no idea about how to work online as a freelancer but now after taking this course so far I have a clear picture of the pros and cons of freelance working especially with Fiverr. Indeed it is an admirable effort. A tremendous job. Thanks for providing me an opportunity.

This course was outstanding

by Faheem Mustafa
Hi! This course was outstanding, I learned a lot and I also got orders. Thank you so much sir Jason Gilbert and sir Muhammad Siddique.

My life changed after completing fiverr success course

by Muhammad Empty
Now I am confident and more productive ,it brought positive change in my personality and mental growth, it makes me feels that now I can support my family with my skills and that's a huge impact. :) Thank you, Sir Muhammad Siddique and Jason Gilbert

A good Trainer at Fiverr Success Cource

by Muhammad Suleman Ahmad None
Sir Jason Gilbert is a good trainer at Fiverr Success Cource, uptill my cources Sir Jason Gilbert is explaining beutifully about Fiverr.

by Khizar None
A course structured in an exemplary way. A step by step guide that shows a visible path to success.


by Syed Mukarram Ali None
Its really awesome and helpful for us. we can appropriate your work and share it to other. Thank you Muhammad saddique and Jason Gilbert. Stay Blessed

Valuable Course

by Sajjad Empty
HI, There is the lot of new things which I have learnt .from this course . its completed guide course. You can learn A to Z. The way they teach the students it's really really appreciated. I learnt so many new advanced techniques by this value able course . Thank you very much for giving me the chance.

I am PROUD to be a successful member of the PSEA-Family!

by Bilal Haroon Vohra
Outstanding mentor ship by Super Trainer Jason Gilbert and Sir Muhammad Siddique. In this Fiverr Success Course , they have provided the students with step by step complete guidance to start the freelancing business through Fiverr platform. We have complete support on the social media platforms in private groups created by PSEA. I took this course and became a Level 2 Seller on fiver in a short period of time. Thumbs Up for Sir Muhammad Siddique , Jason Gilbert and the PSEA Team. Thank You So Much.

fiverr success course

by sidra qammar
excllent platform for every one

Best platform to learn fiver success techniques

by Ashar None
I have started this course a couple of weeks ago and have found this extremely helpful. I have learned alot about fiverr. Sir Jason Gilbert and Sir Muhammad Siddique both are an excellent teachers . Thanks to both of you, the alsharif foundation and all our sponsors for helping us, the pakistani youth to start earning online . Thanks Alot

I love to have online earning skill

by Muhammad Sajjad Empty
I have now a new of earning online money with the help of P-SEA. Thank you so much P-SEA

Not successful

by Muhammad Rashid Sattar None
Because have a not enough time thats my fault

Excellent and productive course.

by Muhammad Arqam Raza Khan
I like to thank Mr Siddique, Mr Gilbert and Al-Sharif foundation for providing excellent apportunity to pakistani youth. We learnt a lot from our tutor in Fiverr success course.I request all Pakistani youth to take part in this course and do not waste your time in meaningless things. I am very happy to be a part of this.

Excellent Course

by Mohammad Rizwan
The course is well developed and especially best for newbies. It's made by keeping newcomers in mind and every concept is explained properly. Sir, Jason Gilbert has worked very hard and the course is clear proof of their efforts. I am really enjoying my stay here with experts and love to learn from this course.


by Humza Liaquat
the quiz after the first video is a good technique to tell that this course is not for granted. I liked it, and already impressed by Mr. Jason.


It is a wonderful course which have changed the lives of many

Feedback For FIVERR success Course

by Syed Ali Akbar Shah
For me, it was life-changing opportunity. I learned a lot from my Mentor JASON GILBERT. being a student it's not so easy to support studies and family. But for now, I am proud to be the Part Of P-SEA family. now I am supporting my studies and my family from online earning. Thank You P-SEA :-)

Good Career as a social net working for learning.

by Muhammad Riaz Shahid
This is very nice procedure for new commer jobless students. i was advoice to every body to applied this chance here to build a so many types of sources & career. due to i am too much learning and make a good relation net working.

by Mian Mari Rose None

Best Boss

by Zahid Ishaq Empty
now i am still watching videos because i am student and i am busy in my final exams for that i stop watching video for few days. but that i watched it was really so much valuable for me. i hope after complete this course i will start earning from fiverr and that will be my first earning Inshah-Allah. i want to say Thank you to P-SEA team.


by Asrar Ahmad
ok sir, thats best course for us. I may improve my practice by using that tips.


by Muhammad Farooq
This course is a launching pad for Pakistani Origin People in the fabulous World of Social Entrepreneurship. And definitely it yields the blessings of Social Entrepreneurship for young educated Pakistanis. It is golden chance for youngs to prove their talent. I strongly recommend this course for all of you, your friends and your fellows for the sake of their bright and prosperous future.


by Bibi Yana
On successful completion of the course, I felt that I was leaving a room of wisdom after enriching myself with many more valuable suggestions to continue my success journey. Thanks, Sir Muhammad Siddique for providing this golden opportunity. YOU DESERVE A BIG SALUTE FOR YOUR ENTHUSIASM AND HARD WORK. Sir, we are donating $100 only but May Almighty will give the reward for your this philanthropy. Aameen. SIR Jason Gilbert THUMPS UPP FOR YOUR SO NICE EXPLANATION AND GREAT CONTENT. THE COURSE IS DESIGNED ACCORDING TO OUR LEVEL OF UNDERSTANDING. ONCE AGAIN THANKS, ALL TEAM OF PEA. I have completed the course without any pressure of being late. Due to the flexible timing, I enjoyed the course. I have successfully above 40 projects and very near to Level 2 seller. Thanks and Regards Bibi Yana

"Worth to Learn"

by Awais Ahmed
Asalam e Alaikum Everyone !! Hope you all will be fine!! Al-Sharif Foundation is doing well by providing Fiverr Succes Course to the needy one, not only Al-Sharif Foundation but backbone of this Success course is respectable Sir Muhammad Siddique. I am not a right person to comment because I did not make this yet happen, behind this there are some personal issues but I completed few initial lectures now I have an idea after completing this course no body can keep away you from success, because in the end you will have talent that other doesn't have. If you are enrolled in Fiverr Success Course, definitely success is yours!!! Regards, Awais Ahmed


by Fawad Khan Swati None
I am feeling excited

Fiverr Success Course

by Akhlaq Ahmad None
Amazing and life changing platform....P-SEA ....Thanks to Sir Muhammad Siddique

Help full course

by Muhammad Sajid Sajid khan
Most respectfully sir I learn a lot from this course that how make the gig, how to chose the title, how to publish and then I learnt also how to edit the vedios in the vedio editing course. And I also published one gig but after that I become sick seriously then I can't work here. I am feeling good sir now. Now inshah Allah I will start work again.

A Noble Cause and a Great Effort!

by Memoona None
P-SEA is doing a great job. It is empowering youth by giving them an opportunity to learn contemporary skills. I also like its concept of a sustainable model. It should expand its work by offering more courses other than video editing.

Fiverr Success Course

Excellent! I am very happy to get trained with Fiverr Success Course by Sir. Jason Gilbert provided by Al-Sharif Foundation. This is a brief course in which each and every aspect of Fiverr.com platform is presented in a very understandable and easy mode. I recommend this course to all those who want to earn online. Its compulsory to learn the fiverr.com system properly from where you trying to earn money. Well Done P-SEA Team & Fiverr.com instructor MAQBOOL FreeLancer, Fiverr, Upwork

Fiverr Success Course

by Raashid Mahmood
Al-Sharif Trust is doing great work to uplift Pakistanis Entrepreneur and make them successful y providing world class Fiverr training through professional trainers ; Jason Gilbert and Muhammad Siddique ,who are themselves internationally recognized Super Entrepreneurs and above all this training is Free which is a unique example in this materialistic World .

Great Step towards Entreprenuership

by Muhammad Aurangzeb
First of all i would like to thank my mentors Mr. SIddique and Mr. Jason Gilbert for enabling us to earn for our family by sitting at home. Its been a great noble and social cause to teach people and make them independent. In our conservative society, even females can reap the benefits of this course and make their part in their family income. Wounderful course and i wish them all the very best.


by Abrar Empty
there is no such a comprehensive and easy to understand course on internet

A great Course I have ever completed

by Syed Saqib Aftab
I am very happy to get trained with Fiverr Success Course by Sir. Jason Gilbert and P-SEA Ambassadors provided by Al-Sharif Foundation. This is a brief course in which each and every step of Fiverr platform is presented in a very easy and understandable mode. I recommend this course to all peoples who want to earn with Fiverr, because its compulsory to learn the system proper from which your are trying to earn.

Best course to learn very easy & fast

by Imran Ashraf None
Thank you so much giving me free entrepreneurship scholarship to help me in fiverr success course . == REPLY FROM AL-SHARIF FOUNDATION ===== It is scholarship based so it is not free. Some one else sponsored with you and you made promise when you earn first $100, you will donate back to the AL-Sharif Foundation so that we can sponsor another student so everyone can take advantage to learn cutting-edge skills to earn a living. Thank you for your understanding in this. Stay blessed.

Fiverr Success Course

by Mazhar Ali Sahito Empty
complete Fiverr honesty


by Faraz None
It was an Outstanding Experience. I have learned a lot from Sir Jason Gilbert & Sir Muhammad Siddique. Because Of P-SEA, now i am capable of earning money using my skills & also learning new things. I am learning market ideas that what is in need and how to manage clients.

Fiverr Success Course Review

by Arshad Khan
Fiverr Success Course Review is very informative and design well.by the help of this course i motivated to do work online and able to make a fiverr account and my gigs. Social Entrepreneurship program not delivering funds to Individuals but they are providing financial assistance to young people ,to learn how to start their work online as entrepreneur , on this way Fiverr success course help me to start my work as freelancers and become self-employed individuals.Fiverr sucess course is great opportunity to learn work online. Stop learning is to start dying. Learning is the fuel that drives the journey of personal evolution. Thank you to Al-Sharif Foundation to provide me this great opportunity of learning and to educate me how i can work as entrepreneur . I am 100% satisfied from Fiverr success course material for inspiration to work online and this course is complete solution to work on Fiverr. i would be like to say millions of thanks to Mr.Jason Gilbert and Mr.Muhammad Siddique as My MENTOR.

Fiverr Success Course

by Ali Idrees
Fiverr Success Course by Pakistani social entrepreneurship academy is a very innovative course according to this type of effort has not done earlier. I have learnt many things which may be I can't do without this academy. Now I have made accounts on other online earning websites too and trying my best to become a online earner as soon as possible. I really appreciate every one behind this theme and vision and its all teams members, a lot of respect for every one. This course should never be stopped despite it should be categorise in more courses so that more people can get benefits from this IT era.

learning ful

by Ijaz ahmed None
it's nice to see the P.SEA offers the Fiver success course which helps the around Pakistan to learn and earn through this

No Words to appreciate

by Imdad Ali
Hi i am imdad ali From Pakistan, PSEA And Jason Gilbert and Muhammad training and Muhammad Sidque Motivation just change my way of life withing a few months, BEFORE this Course my earning was Zero but now my monthly earning is 500$ working as a freelancer Thank you So Much PSEA Thank you so Much Jason Gilbert and all Team. God Bless you all.

Best learning for everyone.

by Hasan Munir Munir
Best ever learning of my life. This success course realize me what I'm and what i have to do for my survival and my family survival too. Everyone has need to think about this especially students are most important becuase their survival is always on stake. Thank you Sir Muhammad Siddique and Jason Gilbert for such a nice course and opportunity you gave me.

Best learning for everyone.

by Hasan Munir Munir
Best ever learning of my life. This success course realize me what I'm and what i have to do for my survival and my family survival too. Everyone has need to think about this especially students are most important becuase their survival is always on stake. Thank you Sir Muhammad Siddique and Jason Gilbert for such a nice course and opportunity you gave me.

Review for P-SEA Course

by Muhammad Mohsin Rehman
A couple of months back, I registered myself for P-SEA Scholarship to complete the P-SEA Course for young entrepreneurs which I completed within one month time. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Jason Gilbert and Mr. Muhammad Siddique for creating this course for young Pakistanis. In my view, they are doing a tremendous job and are creating value in the lives of my fellow countrymen. Indeed, P-SEA is very good initiative and is contributing towards the social uplift of the Pakistani community. I would like to thank the whole team behind P-SEA project, Al- Sharif foundation, Mr. Jason Gilbert & Mr. Muhammad Siddique for providing us this valuable opportunity to be financially independent and socially responsible citizens of Pakistan. Thank you all once again!!!

A great help

by Azaz Khan
Great effort and amazing job done to make people successful

The Best Fiverr Course. PROVEN!

by Danish None
Fiverr Success Course offer by P-SEA, a project of Al-Sharif Foundation, is the best thing out here for new Entrepreneurs looking to earn online on Fiverr. I totally recommend it to everyone who is reading this. You can never go wrong following it provided you are committed and down to work yourself out.

Seller Profile

by Sajid Bhutto None
I had my fiverr profile but did not find any work or sold my products. Now I learned from this course that how to make a attractive profile as seller. Thanking you P-SEA.


by Muhammad Usama
Dear Teacher, I am so grateful to you for making me a successful social entrepreneur. It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge. You gave me strength. You gave me confidence in myself. You helped me see what I could be. Thank you for giving me courage. You made me a better person. I’ll never forget you. You are the best teacher ever! Stay Blessed!!!

by Muhammad Sohail

My Review

by Zulfiqar ali soomro
Im happy to join fiverr succes course i learn from sir muhammad siddique and sir jason Gilbert how to succesful on fiverr and not only fiverr, in my life how to communicate ,how to introduce you ,I think this course change my thinking style about business and work. Thanks for the teaching me sir Jason Gilbert. You are awsome teacher.


by Mohammad Moin None
Great opportunity for youngsters who are in college and universities, clear and valuable information was provided, the way of teaching is best...!


by Mohammad Moin None
Great opportunity for youngsters who are in college and universities, clear and valuable information was provided, the way of teaching is best...!

Excellent for Beginners

by Shahroze None
This course is excellent for someone who has never earned money online. The course has everything that will get you started. Following this course guidelines, I got my order after 2 days of posting my gig. What I want an improvement is a video series for those who have already started and want to step up their game reaching $1000 monthly online. And Now See Sir Muhammad Siddique will now help us now to get even Premium Clients. That is what I was looking for! Thank you so much Sir. Keep up the Good Work !!

Great Direction, Motivation and Steady Progress towards Success

by Khalid SaifUllah Khan
Everyone needs a right direction, motivation, perseverance, and focus if have a desire to be very successful in life. Most of the people do not know, where to start from? Fiverr Success Course is exactly one of the Golden opportunities, that will provide you clear direction, motivation and focus on taking a first step towards the success. If this opportunity is taken seriously, then you might end up working with the amazing people around the world!

Really an success course

by M. Shahzaib Shakoor Empty
I am very Lucky because i achieve this success course.It is life changing step in anyone's life.It will change my life completely.

Good Course

by Muhammad Sohaib Danish
Overall Your course is good. Informative and everything is explained well. I've watched many videos on many websites like Udemy courses and I found sometimes different info on both. Just for example in your course, it is told that select username by your skill but in some others I watched that Original name is the Good choice because it reflects customer that you are real. One thing is missing. You should add a subject of skill building. Because I know the frustration when you don't have any skills so you just keep thinking what to do. and you should add some real time examples of buying and selling of gigs. Like a case study or something. it'll be good. I hope it helps. Thanks Danish

by Noman Habib None


by Nabeel None
Hi... I want yo give review that fiverr success course id very effective,grooming,progressing for students who want to earn dollars and make their life successfull ..

Fiverr Success Course Review

Thanks Mr. Jason Gilbert for excellent way to teaching and this nice designed course i will must say excellent


by Imran Afzal
Course was brilliant and helped a lot to understand fivver and how it works. Thanks a lot Sir Siddiq and Sir Jason

Fiverr Success Course

by Muhammad Hayat
I am very glad to inform that I completed the Fiverr Success Course but fail to get any single order may be something wrong on my side. before this course, i get many lectures in Urdu as well as English on the Internet but I am proud to get lectures from Sir Jason Gilbert and Sir Siddique. Outstanding technique for delivering lecturer and proven templates helping P-Sea Winner. I am calm and cool I try again and again until success in Fiverr under the supervision of Sir Jason and Sir Siddique and helping/ promote others in Success in Fiverr. At the end, I will return 100$ as per commitment with Sir Siddique (Al-Sharif Foundation) after earning from Fiverr. Once again I salute Sir Siddique vision, his cause, and his team. thanks :) Muhammad Hayat Application # 206050 ====== REPLY from Pakistani Social Entrepreneurship Academy Staff ==== Great to know that you have completed the Fiverr Success Course. Now it is time to IMPLEMENT as-is for your skills. Plus use Video 9-2 virtually EVERY DAY to send buyer requests, Module 9 will get you ORDERS specially video 9-2. So FOCUS on that. Please ask for HELP in P-SEA Social Entrepreneurs facebook group. There are many SUCCESSFUL P-SEA Family Members in the group who are standing by to help you. Be courteous to them. You are part of P-SEA Family so you are NOT alone. Simply ASK in the group. Together we can make a difference one entrepreneurs at a time. Here is P-SEA Family Members SUCCESS Wall: You are welcome to see to inspire yourself. If they can do it following the exact process so you can do it too. http://alshariffoundation.com/pseafamilysuccesswall Our best wishes are always with you. Stay blessed.

Journey with P-SEA Al-Sharif Foundation

by Bukhtawer Akhter Empty
The A-Z course about Fiverr has been life-changing and simply amazing! I applied the techniques I learned from Master Jason Gilbert and got my 1st order within two days! The P-SEA family at facebook page has been there to guide me along the journey. I would urge everyone to take this course as P-Sea doesn't provide means of sustenance but rather the very recipe- the method.

My personally opinion about this course

by Abdulwahab Emptywahab
Fiverr success course is a magnificent course for online earning . its prepared very tremendously by sir Muhammad siddique sb and sir jasson gilbert .

Best platform to help young poor peoples

by Irfan Nazir
Fiverr Success Course is a best course for Fiverr training. If someone has really good skills, he can get maximum benefit from this course. This training almost tells each and every aspect of Fiverr.


by Syed Misbah Mujeeb None
I learned very much with Fiverr Success Course. This is very important when you taking a part on fiverr and want earn money with the Internet. I just want to Thanks My Teachers Sir Muhammad Siddique and Sir Jason Gilbert Thank You :)